The Jinja Assassin

A film by Matt Henry, Will Faulkner and Nathan Keene

Meet The Jinja Assassin.

A Perth school teacher by day, but by night his alter ego unleashes, and he transforms into Australia's newly crowned #1 Air Guitarist.

"The Jinja Assassin is an embodiment of my alter ego, a combination of all those ginger-inspired idols that I hold close to my chest from Prince Harry to Chuck Norris", says The Jinja Assassin.

From an early age, Jinja knew he was chosen by the air guitar Gods, destined for air guitar greatness. "My air guitar career started at my mate Turner's house, 15 years old and a Metallica track came on, Kirk Hammett solo. As soon as the track started, there it was, smack bang in my hand, and I just started playing like the greatest guitarist on earth. I was shredding this solo and then I realised, it wasn't that I had chosen air guitar - air guitar had chosen me", he says.

Tropfest Trailer

Alex Roberts (The Jinja Assassin) is a high school drama teacher by day and Australia's best air guitarist by night. Follow Alex as he travels from his hometown of Perth all the way to Oulu in Finland to compete in the Air Guitar World Championships. On his quest to become number one in the world, Alex gets support from an unlikely sponsor, Packaging and Warehouse Supplies company Signet. 'The Jinja Assassin" is the real-life journey of the least-known cult hero in Australia.

A film by Matt Henry, Will Faulkner & Nathan Keene.
A Story-One Production.


The instruments of Australia's elite air athletes requires the highest protection. Signet's air guitar cases keep the Aussie team's air guitars safe while on their quest to air guitar greatness. We are proud to announce that not a single air guitar was broken on tour while in Signet's packaging!

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Road to Oulu

This air guitar was made from the freshest Oulu air! The Jinja Assassin trekked 4,357 feet up the famous Finnish Mount Halti to find this beauty.

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Otherwise known as the Prince Harry's Charm 5000. The Jinja Assassin uses this air guitar when he really wants to dazzle the ladies on stage.

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We know what you're thinking! Not Marshall Mathers, Marcel Marceau!

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Signet Air 9000

A gift from his sponsor - Signet. We hear that The Jinja Assassin uses this guitar to serenade himself and all his air groupies.


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